Hotel Grand Villa Serbelloni – Lake Como, Italy

Villa del Balbianello in Italy is the beautiful lake where this gorgeous hotel Hotel Grand Villa Serbelloni is located. The hotel depicts the classical style decoration, latest furnished and having amazing services. There is no other beautiful location than this. The location of hotel is in Bellagio, a lakeside which is not only charming but peaceful also. Its location also known as ‘ The Pearl Of The Lake’. The plants in the hotel are subtropical; Overall garden is beautifully designed in Italian-style. Villa Melzi is lovely lakeside gardens which are just at the distance of ten-minute walk. However, to reach at the lake Villa del Balbianello only takes twenty-minute by boat. An aristocratic family has built this luxurious hotel in 1852 to spend their holidays in a luxurious villa. Overall building is Neo-classic and this villa has become a hotel after twenty years of its formation. The designing and the beauty of the hotel shows the culture of nineteenth century.

The services in the hotel are professional and very efficient. In the park houses a gym, a steam room, a sauna, and a squash court is available. There’s also a long tennis court and two indoor, outdoor swimming pools. A private beach is also there. The spa offers lots of necessary programs for the wellness, such as, Ayurvedic-inspired massages… The hotel also has a separate private dock. There is also an arrangement for the private motorboats. Formally this building was just for the private residency, there are almost more than 90 rooms which are different in size and beauty. All of them are decorated individually. Antique furniture, chandeliers and beautiful fittings are the specifications of the suits. There are double sinks in the tiled bathrooms. There is beautiful floral pattern on the ceiling. Pink and pearl-grey color of the ceiling reflects in the hotel.

In the hotel there are two restaurants, Mistral is professional and where molecular Italian cuisine is served, the transformation of ingredients and the cooking method of the professional way make the meal more striking. On the other hand, La Goletta offers classical Italian tradition food. Pizza is opened throughout the day. For sundowner view the best place is the terrace, in the breakfast the cold cuts, cereals, cheeses and fresh fruits are offered. An indoor pool is present there for the children. a separate beach is also for them in the area of garden.

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