Hotel La Darsena – An Eye-Catching Hotel In Lake Como Italy

The location of the hotel stands as dramatically classical place; it’s just at 15 minute walk from the Villa Carlotta of 17th century. The hotel is located on the western shore of the lake. There are numerous varieties of the flowers and species up to 800 in number, can be found in the garden. There are ferns, camellias and rhododendrons. There are series of the romantic gardens around the villa. Because of the presence of lake, the hotel gives more charming sight to the guests. From the right side of the lake there are quarters and houses for the staff of villa. The atmosphere of the hotel is extremely appreciable. Owner of the hotel personally greet their guests.

A free Wi-Fi can be enjoyed. There is also an access of wheelchair for the hotel and the restaurants; furthermore, for disabled guests proper equipment is available. There are complimentary cots which are provided for the families. Children enjoy fun gams and swimming during their stay. The restaurant in the hotel sets the most tables in such a way that guest can enjoy beautiful lake view of Bellagio during their meal. There is Italian cuisine where lake fishes are also served. All the foods have different tastes. If guests love to have traditional food then they can easily find this in the restaurants. There is also a service of fitness center, where people of every age can enjoy their physical exercise. Staff is friendly, well trained and professional. They keep everything at their high quality and help their guests in every matter.

Bathrooms of the hotel have facilities, bathtubs and showers. Rooms are decorated with floral pattern the iron beds and the wooden furniture of unique design makes the interior more gorgeous. Purple, yellow and peach color scheming is used in the furnishing items. For the entertainment there are not many facilities for the guests, but they can get good information regarding various activities outside the hotel. Staff is extremely knowledgeable regarding the local location of the hotel, therefore, they guide to their guests about various fun sports that they can enjoy outside the hotel range.

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