Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Natural Beauty Is There, Italy

In Villa Carlotta (17th century) the striking and stunning building of this Tremezzo hotel lies. At the western shore, this grand hotel is located. There is almost 20-acre land casing very alluring gardens and trees which suddenly grasped the attention of their viewer. There are two swimming pools in the hotel. The decoration and the beauty of garden make people to spend their holidays with them in happy mood. They fresh mind and soul and keeps people engage for the long time. Lugano Airport is just at the distance of 23 miles from the hotel Tremezzo. However, Milan Linate is 59 miles for away from the hotel, and Milan Malpensa is only 50 miles away from hotel.

There are numerous entertainment programs for the both adult and children. those who are at the age of 7 can also have an enjoyment of wakeboarding lessons. And in the gift, they also get a cute teddy bear. The creative and the unique Italian taste restaurant is known as La Terrazza in the hotel. Their arrangement of sitting is very relaxing and they can enjoy barbecue there. T Pizza café and wooden-fired pizza is also served there. Nouveau style is used in overall decoration of the villa. Traditional canvas and fabric of lavish quality makes the wall very pleasant. Delightful orchard has spread on the land of hotel, which almost covers 5-acres land. In the hotel Tremezzo most of the games are available in the DVDs which most surely liked and loved by the children. Natural beauty can be viewed form the terrace of the hotel. There are many beautiful flowers are planted in the orchard which smell amazing in the morning and night.

The suits of hotel are sophisticated in their decoration and traditional look. All the furniture is well designed. The representation of the rooms is so great that people can match their beauty with the natural beauty of the lake. There are glowing equipped private terraces to sight the lake. There are also massage services and free Wi-Fi access. Laundry services are also available. The seating arrangements are professional set in the hall and garden, where guests can enjoy their meal.

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