Saint James Backpackers Hostel – London

It has been more than 45 years; the guests in Saint James Backpackers Hostel are accommodated in this Victorian building that is run by a family. The life style at the hotel is amazingly nice and luxurious. The location of this Saint James Backpackers Hostel is just at five-minute walk from Earls Court, which is an underground Station. Its location is perfect and sightseeing of London can be enjoyed. There is little bit trouble in sleeping times because its window opens towards the main road.

The staff of Saint James Backpackers Hostel is cooperative and welcoming for the guest. The interior and the designing of the hotel are stylish and luxurious. There is an influence of modern touch. The ceilings and the walls have amazing attractive designing. The atmosphere of the Saint James Backpackers Hostel is extremely nice, peaceful and airy. The rooms of the hotel are marbled. Ceilings and walls are also designed amazingly. Bathrooms are well equipped and nicely designed with modern taste. For the guests, sitting arrangements in lounge are also professionally settled.

In Saint James Backpackers Hostel, a good quality breakfast is offered. Different natural foods of all tastes are introduced. Homemade foods are also introduced. The meal and the dinner is delicious, cultural foods are also offered. There is no access for the people with disabilities in Saint James Backpackers Hostel because of not being listed in the building’s policies. Children are also welcome with their families. There are some fixed arrangements for the kids and infants who come with their families. Comfortable and relaxed environment is provided to them.

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