The Gritti Palace Venice, Veneto, Italy

The staff is very generous in their attitude and they are so polite and friendly that you will really enjoy their company. They spend time with you and help you to know many things regarding hotel and other stuff. If you use efficient technology of hotel’s services, the staff will help you in all way. They provide services for 24 hours. You can also have the opportunity for recommendations and tickets for the opera Cristiano Luciano, head of barman, will also get you a tasty coffee in the bar. Latest technology remains in updates time to time. The bathrooms are small but they are professionally designed with marbles, and having latest style of showers and bathtubs.

There are 21 suits and 61 rooms. Hemingway rooms are eight in number; their interior is very charming and stylish. There are priceless antiques, paintings and beautiful fabrics. The courtyards are appealing. There is also a famous and charming club known as The Club de Doge. It has the most beautiful dining room which cannot be seen in other hotel. To look over the Grand Canal, the outdoor terrace gives mesmerizing view. However in Venice, the food is not very pleasant but Chef Daniele in this Gritti Palace makes everything so delicious that you will not stop yourself to eat again his tasty food. They cook perfectly and pleasantly. In the same dining room, a buffet breakfast is also served to the guests. Beneficial thing for the guests are, the cookery classes that are offered in the hotel. The guests enjoy a lot these classes. The hotel is expensive but not all the rooms, because the services in few rooms are cheapest also. In Gritti Palace you can view the romantic sight and the natural blessings spread all over the Venice. The terraces will give you a charming feeling, you can also have your dinner while sitting and viewing the beauty of Venice there.

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