Willesden Green – Palmers Lodge Hillspring- London

London’s beautiful north side, this charming hotel Palmers Lodge Hillspring is located of Brent. There is just few minute walk from the destination towards Willeden Green underground station. Houses and streets are also come in the way when you move towards the hotel because it is located in a residential place. The design and interior of the hotel is attractive. All features and professional services are outstanding.

Palmers Lodge Hillspring does not offer anything violent. There is laundry service, Wi-Fi and parking services for the guests. There is also a kitchen for the guests where they can make their own coffee or tea, in the kitchen there is microwave, oven, sink, and fridge. Guests having passport can get more traveling facilities inside the city. They are also offered cheep rates on the booking. There is good meal offered in the dinner and lunch, breakfast buffet is also amazing. All the rooms are well-equipped and luxurious. There are bathrooms with entire facilities.

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