Al Ponte Mocenigo Hotel – A Seasoned Hotel – Venice Italy

From the root of train station the beautiful Al Ponte Mocenigo hotel lies, though the important sights and the natural beauties cannot be viewed from the near. The beautiful place attracts people and they feel very happy to have their holidays in this amazing hotel. There is bright color scheming and traditional designing is used in the interiors of the rooms, there are almost ten rooms separately located in the courtyard, having all the comforts and benefits. Relaxing beds with clean covers are there. Beside courtyard rooms, there are also separately designed eight-rooms with a different taste of color and interior.

Al Ponte hotel are Sandro and Walter are the professionals and very well-informed owners of the hotel. They always bring innovative ideas in their services which become an impressive point for all of the guests always. Fascinating services and the offers are given to the visitors. There is always a exclusive style is used in the rooms. Seven rooms are designed with different tastes than other rooms. The combinations of red, gold and green colors are used in the interior designing. Traditional style of canvas is used on the wall to enhance their beauty. Eight-room annexes with their modern look can also be viewed in the side region of hotel. Bathrooms are well-equipped and they are considered in Turkish style. There are also well-organized amenities of front desk and a saloon with complete requirements.

The staff of the hotel is efficient and very helpful in every mater. They know well about the picnic and tour places around the hotel. They can also guide you about outside places where you can spend some beautiful time and enjoy with their families. The environment of the hotel is family-friendly. The weather is always unpredictable, therefore, in idealistic and delightful weather, guests are offered feast in the courtyard. On the ground floor of the hotel, they are also served pastries, with fresh fruits. There is amazing scenes in the garden when the weather is romantic and amazing. There comes a raise in the prices of the hotel during the seasons, but it becomes reasonable in off-season.

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