Krk, Croatia’s Beautiful Hotel – Heritage Hotel Forza Baska

Baška is a small town in the KrK Island, which is considered to be not only amazing but very beautiful beaches in Croatia. Sandy place makes it very pleasant. There are only few famous beaches in the Croatia. Heritage Hotel Forza is located charming location of the beaches. The number of people increases in the summer season. For the travel, there are busses for the passengers that take them from Rijeka and Baška to the destination on the mainland. Leo and Zlatko are the brothers and owners of the restaurants who are successfully running this hotel since the year of 1998.

The hotel also has some limited access for the disable guests. However there are lots of programs and entertainment for the kids. The kids are welcomed to for the great excitements. The hotel rooms should be booked before the arrival of the summer; otherwise it becomes very hard to book rooms because of the huge crowed. The building of the hotel is very fascinating and charming. There is beauty all around the hotel and it looks very attractive and charming. The showers of the hotel are equipped with contemporary and stylish designs. The beauties of the rooms are enhanced with the gold tiles.

There is delicious food is offered to the guests and breakfast is very tasty. Cultural food is also cooked. The staff of the hotel is extremely professional and energetic. Children has special fun and entertainment there they are happily received with their families; however there is some limitation for disabilities. In the Forza hotel, there are free Wi-Fi and Laundry services.

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