Charming Hotel -The Gritti Palace – Venice, Veneto, Italy

This beautiful hotel is located in beautiful location of Venice, Italy, where amazing places are not for away from the destination. Its north and south areas are connected with famous places. The staff is always supportive for the people who stay in the hotel. They are skillful and extremely professional. They help their guests in several things. Such as, using latest technology, guiding about different menu in restaurant and helping them in organizing any event or ball in the hotel. The services of the hotel are available 24 hours. All the suits have marvelous bathrooms which are equipped with latest color scheming and necessities.

The building of Gritti Palace has 61 rooms and 21 suits with beautiful designs. Some specific rooms are designed in the Hemingway style where the interior is very modern and stylish. There can be alluring views from the terraces of the hotel; they professionally designed with latest material. Such artistic professionalism cannot be seen in other place in the city. The dining rooms of the hotel are vast and amazing, there buffet breakfast is offered. People also get their meal and dinner in those dining rooms. The management of Hotel also enhances the ability of their guests in order to provide them various cooking classes. They help them to make kitchen items, which is a pleasing activity for the guests. They love to cook and enjoy a lot by taking these cookery classes. Chef Daniele in the hotel makes yummy coffee and meal with local ingredients. His professional cooking is very appreciated by the guests.

Gritti Palace is growing day-by-day. There is pleasant atmosphere and amazing services. Though the hotel is bit expensive but surely you will get everything that a person needs during his/her stay in any hotel. The management of hotel is very helpful; they have dedicated almost six rooms for those people who have disabilities. Their rooms are historically designed with cultural interior. A small view of Grand Canal is also possible from their terraces. There is much peace and happiness for the guests. This hotel is totally reserved for the adults therefore, it is less child-friendly. Families with children cannot find much entertainment for their children, but there all the facilities and accommodations for the adults. The residency is available for four and more.

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