Lesic Dimitri Palace – Korcula, Croatia

Five luxury standalone apartments, being a former 18th-century bishop’s palace, the location of Lesic Dimitri is amazingly awesome. There is beautiful view of sea, a mini spa and terraces with mesmerizing waterside designing. Two sides of picturesque cobbled are covered by the building of Dimitri palace, famous places, islands and sew views are just a few minute walk. The identification of the hotel is unique and stylish. The excellent spa has three different but major services. There is Ayuvedic-massage, Thai massage and physique massage available. The management of the hotel is wonderfully overwhelming.

There are one to three bedroom apartments for the residents. Their designing, styles and facilities also vary. There are whirlpool tubs, dining areas and lounges in the larger one. China style rooms are also there with stylish terraces, which are the best place to view enter seawater and enjoy nature. The bathrooms and all suits are luxurious. There is good water supply in the bathrooms.

The front terrace of the restaurant is marvelous. It is very charming place where seafood , fish and traditional food can be enjoyed. Cultural food is always delicious and the arrangement of the sitting is professionally developed. There are also homemade dishes served. There is a warm welcome for the families. Babysitting services with arrangements of cots for under-three. Up to six people can stay in large suits. Sometimes the interior are not appropriate for kids because of their designing, it may trouble toddler bit. There is no proper access for disabilities.

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