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Nobis Hotel Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Luxury today is not flashing, looking or surplus in any conventional sense. Modern luxury is a subtle and sophisticated quality: to enjoy the privilege of our time with maximum comfort& efficiency with a minimum of effort, regardless of our taste and professional requirements. It is in two historical buildings from the late nineteenth century, on Norrmalmstorg square, in the heart of downtown Stockholm, the Nobis Hotel is an independent 201-room hotel, offering all the amenities and services to the business traveler and elegance. Their mission is to provide their guests with nothing but superior quality in every detail – and something different than that.

They would like their hotel to be nothing standard or routine, but always with extra quality to add to the experience of our guests. Nobis Hotel is designed for optimal functionality, beauty, comfort and atmosphere by the well-known Swedish architect Claesson Koivisto Rune, aworld-famous architect in a modern but timeless and classic style. The rooms are beautifully decorated with wood paneling and stucco from the late nineteenth century.Here you will experience the best in the world established with such a beauty. You will love this place, there is no such thing better than the beauty of this place, the mountains, waterfalls and the green areas will make you feel fresh and live again and what can we say more than this that Welcome to one of the places that are a blessing of God. Its beauty will make you speechless, and your adventurous trip will be a lifetime adventure. The surroundings provide relief to the tourists.

The staff takes the full responsibilities and make sure that every customer is satisfied, and considers their ultimate to provide more than the expectations of customers. It is a unique experience for the place where you can find restaurants, a luxury spa, rooms, pools and much more under the same roof, with a beautiful place in such a way that it becomes when combined to give even more romantic atmosphere.If you want a new experience, that makes you feel like home visit this hotel.

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