At Notting Hill – The Portobello Hotel – London, England

The Portobello has cooperative and polite staff, luxurious services , free access of internet, laundry and parking services, a restaurant offering delicious breakfast, fitness center, bar and decorated rooms with well-equipped bathrooms. All facilities of the hotel are amazing. There is also a proper setting for the people who have disabilities; a portion of ground floor is reserved for such visitors. There is also a special arrangement for the people who have kids with them. Having a passport with you, will make your trip more pleasant and good.

The Portobello is located in amazing Notting Hills that are not only charming but attractive as well. The staff of the hotel is professional and interior is appealing. The hotel has very convenient approach to the road of Portobello. There is traditional beauty that can be seen in the rooms w having Victorian authority. Travelers in London can easily approach Wembley Stadium, Brick Lane & Portobello Road Market. The style and the décor of the rooms are unique and different.

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