London’s Hazlitt Hotel – Soho, England

Hazlitt hotel London has an amazing history behind it, there was an author known as William Hazlitt who had lived in this home. Later on it is turned into a luxurious hotel. There is a good standing bar, well-painted rooms, modern 8 bedrooms, spa, conference room, conducting events, laundry and room services, free access of internet, a restaurant, and much more facilities lies for the guests. Hazlitt hotel is unique in its decoration and architecture designing.

Hazlitt hotel does not provide an access for the disabilities. However, the families with their kids are allowed. As compare to London’s hotel, the texture and interior of the Hazlitt hotel is quite different and unique. There is every facility that a guests need. The outer and inside building has cultural influence. This luxurious hotel provides modern equipments, all amenities and peaceful atmosphere to its guests.

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