The Gran Melia Hotel -Rome, Italy

The Gran Melia Villa is located in a peaceful place of Rome, where tranquil and calmness lies. The location of the beautiful Villa contains popular places, such as Janiculum Hill, Vatican, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Ara Pacis. For the far places, railway services are required to reach the destination. There is the beauty of Spanish and Italian designing with unique style in the architecture of the reception and the lounge. White color is the dominating agent in the building; large windows which are airy and contented make the rooms comfortable. Contemporary style is utilized in the designing in an artistic way.

There are serval qualities of the hotel which lead them to be the Rome’s best urban oasis. It has mesmerizing-landscaped beauty, outdoor pools and comfortable services. There is a separate center just for the physical and mental exercises and for facial treatments. There are also seasonal showers, bath steams, vitality pool and personal trainers in the spa. The breakfast buffet is always delicious which contain several natural foods. For the children kids cooking, cupcakes and delicious food is served.

The disabilities are also accessed in the hotel. There are numerous games and fun programs that are held for the kids and adults. For kids, at the time of arrival at the hotel are greeted with some special status, called VIK (Very Important Kids) status. Kids also have breakfast buffet corner, welcome gifts, cookies, and bedtime milk and mini-kids clubs. Professional and efficient staff of the hotel makes every possible effort for their guests.

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