Rom’s Pretty Hotel Raphael – Italy

In Rome (Italy) there is another beautiful hotel named as Raphael. Piazza Navona is located at the backside of the hotel. This is an attractive and peaceful place where definitely you will love to spend your holidays. There are also several popular places and towns around the hotel at few distance. The major beauty of the hotel is that cultural designing and beauty that it holds.

There are 65 rooms which are all bright and amazing. There is a mixture of traditional style and modernism in the interior. If you want more fun, then you can also go out and enjoy there. In warm weather, people prefer to go on rooftop where they spend their time enjoying their tea or coffee. The charming place of the hotel is terrace; guests love to see sunset view from terrace. There is always delicious food is served with lots of various tastes. For vegetarians, special food is cooked. Kids with families are allowed and also are given some entertainments. People with disabilities also have permission to stay; they are given some special services.

There is a traditional style with touch of folk and modern taste which is used for the designing of the hotel. There are impressive colors are used for the color-scheming of the ramparts, floors and roofs. There is laundry and parking service is also available. In the Rooms the bathrooms are marbles and equipped with latest facilities with shower and bathtubs. The terrace of the hotel is the charming palace where you can view Rome city and its domes. There is a spa and a fitness center; you can have various facilities there. Physical exercises are also practiced in the fitness center.

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