Hotel Raphael – A Gorgeous Hotel- Rome, Italy

The famous and charming Hotel Raphael is located in Rome, Italy. This is an amazing hotel that is located at the back of Piazza Navona, where you would love to have amazing holidays, surrounded by many popular stops and places. Rome’s historic beauty with its traditional designing glimpse inside the hotel Raphael. Italian style is prominently noticeable in its architecture. Elegant staff is always available for the queries.

Bright sixty five rooms are delightfully designed with the mixture of modern and traditional style. The decoration of the interior is designed with the soft umber, and light wood splendid colors. The classical designed are actually designed with amazing contemporary style. There are comfortable beds and sofas in the rooms, the bathrooms are well-equipped and marbled. The privacy accommodation on terraces is also available on request. The terrace of the hotel is so beautiful that you will easily enjoy almost whole Rome. There is a fitness center where mental exercises are also practiced.

The staff of the hotel is extremely professional and knowledgeable. They can guide you not only about the history but also about the places nearby where you can have more fun. The beautiful rooftop of the hotel is facilitating where the residence love to spend more time in warm weather. On the terrace, sunset is also celebrated, that is a charming place. The food is delicious, there are also specific dishes cooked for the vegetarians. There is also an availability of babysitting services on request. Kids are allowed with their families. There is also an applicable access for the disabilities.

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