Belmond Copacabana Palace | Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This hotel was built in 1923 with highly impressive & luxurious facilities. Brazil is known all over the world for its vocational destinations, dance, music and much more. The hotel is situated in the city of Brazil Rio De Janeiro which shows the class of Brazil. Here, the night starts with music and dance. So, if you are planning to join the class of Brazil this year for your vacations, or you are traveling on a business tour, the Belmond Copacabana Palace awaits to provide you the luxurious and adventurous experience of hospitality. They make sure you are given with the best memories of staying with them.

It was designed by a French architect. The exteriors and the interiors of the hotel were perfectly designed to show the luxurious style of living with the professional and trained staff that is hired from all around the world. There are two owners of this hotel who has been taking care of this palace from the beginning of the business. They provide highly luxurious cruises that take their customers to the sea port and the hotel. They are known among their clients for their excellent services and finest staff that look after their responsibilities seriously. Many titles have awarded them for their splendid hospitalities and for providing the best traveling experience to their customers.

They provide with wedding and meeting halls that are luxuriously decorated and equipped. There are 1900 rooms and suites available for customers with business class packages. They have a big bar where you can find every kind of wine or any other drink to satisfy yourself. You can also choose the packages of on-site dining. There are many outdoor activities like dining on the beach, boating, cruise driving, fishing, golf playing, hiking and so much more for the kids and family. The beach is the biggest attraction for the people who come here. When you do visit here, bring your sunscreen and swimsuits for enjoying the summer of Rio De Janeiro with Belmond Copacabana Palace the masters of hospitality.

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